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Atomes Chrocus - Voebe de Gruyter | De toekomst ligt in zee - Stijn Verhoeff

Galleries Galerie van Gelder

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1013MD Amsterdam
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Exhibition 15 Oct — 23 Nov

Opening 15 Oct, 17-19 hrs


VOEBE DE GRUYTER: This is where the painter stood, 2016
Atomes Chrocus - Voebe de Gruyter (in GVG)
Voebe de Gruyter observes atoms that attract or repel each other in companies, houses and cities. There is a jostling and swarming with an enormous impact on the world around us, something we do not know anything about at all. In the course of decennia she has developed this body of thoughts and with this she occupies a unique position in the visual arts.
Atoms may seize each other, at least if they come close enough and after that also fall in love with each other. An electrical charge may spontaneously lead to a collision or to a strong merge. Voebe de Gruyter detects this continuum of invisible particles that occasionally meet each other. In case a reaction occurs she sensitively notices the change in behaviour of the people and objects involved; she senses matters on atomic level that no one observed before.
A text with an image by Voebe de Gruyter tells about an old sailor who sees 99% sea when he sits and stares in front of himself in his studio. If he closes his eyes he catches a glimpse of the approaching harbours, places where he once moored. This he tries to paint; the harbours themselves are absent. What is cause, what is consequence?
Another work tells about elderly people doing their shopping and who on purpose bump their carriages into the ones of other clients doing their shopping. Through electrical discharges they tell something to the other client that he or she can read at home sitting behind the computer and decoding the received discharges.
The 'Atomes crochus' come about when atoms take hold of each other and compose a body. And if it concerns people they feel strongly attracted to each other, but in the perception of Voebe de Gruyter chemistry can also come into existence between human being and object, since eventually everything is constructed out of atoms.
De toekomst ligt in zee - Stijn Verhoeff (in AP)
Het werk van Stijn Verhoeff in AP is een ruim 1 uur durend geluidswerk, soms dromerig en verbeeldingsvol, soms rauw en kritisch. Minimale klanken vullen de galerie, opzwepende beats brengen de teksten naar een nieuw plan. Als schilderijen in de tijd komen de teksten aan de toehoorder voorbij. Als ware het een auditieve film reist de luisteraar door een imaginair landschap.


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