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Studio for futures & fiction - Monnik

Project Spaces Cargo in Context

De Bonte Zwaan
Haparandadam 7-b8
1013 AK Amsterdam
+31 (0)6 21439157


Thu - Fri / 12–17 hrs
Sat / 13.30-17.30 hrs
Sundays during public events

Conversation 17 Dec

Time 17 Dec, 15-18 hrs


After an Artist’s talk and a Listening walk during the Amsterdam Art Weekend, Cargo’s next guest will be MONNIK, Studio for futures and fiction. Next Sunday December 17th Christiaan Fruneaux will state the principles of the so-called World Tree Model (WTM) with which various future scenarios regarding urban growth and culture can be developed. 

The WTM is a historical-futuristic model, but also includes a contemporary interpretation of the (early) Modern Time. The main threads are the demographical, economical and cultural forces shaping our society. With the help of these forces different scenarios can be developed in various constellations. 

Keywords in Fruneaux’ lecture are amongst others: gentrification, abundance, scarcity, shrinkage and growth, economic inequality, creative and smart city, global hipster culture, future-thinking, inclusivity and sustainability.

Free, reservation via


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