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Cotidiana (Dagelijks) - Inti Hernandez

Galleries Galerie Ron Mandos

Prinsengracht 282
1016 HJ Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 320 70 36

Open Wed - Sat / 12-18 hrs

Exhibition 11 Nov — 13 Jan

Opening 11 Nov, 17-19 hrs


Inti Hernandez, We want enlightenment, Carved wood and Metal, 85 x 45 x 48 cm.2016

Galerie Ron Mandos proudly presents the exhibition Cotidiana (Dagelijks) by Inti Hernandez. The exhibition is showcasing his newest works and brings together a number of important topics such as community, illusion and dialogue that Hernandez deals with throughout his oeuvre. Amongst these are the metaphysical aspect of time, the relationship between social responsibility and free will, and finally, illusion.  

The translation of the word Cotidiana is 'daily' and the title of this exhibition refers to the concept of daily life as a foundation to build common sense. Hernandez uses the language of architecture and design to explore the capacity that shape has to give form to an experience.

Works from Useless Objects (Human Needs series) show carefully carved wooden sculptures, representing domestic appliances. We only see an outer shell, a beautiful representation of an otherwise useful object, where all functions have been removed. To make them is a complicated, slow and time-consuming process. These three aspects highlight the absurdity of taking on such a task. Instead of offering a solution, they serve only to charm and fascinate us. The objects can appear extravagant, yet very delicate and superficial. However, by eliminating their usefulness, they focus on the assumptions we make in viewing our society, hiding behind half-hearted solutions regarding complex challenges (the transition to renewable energy, the tolerance and integration in multicultural societies, taking care of the national identity while being part of a bigger whole, like the European Union). In this exhibition, Hernandez also presents the remnants of an exquisite, elegant, and lavishly laid dinner table, displayed in combination of a life-size video projection of a 'door' open to the street. Through this 'door' one can see people passing by, young and old, tourists, families, cars and busses, "peering inside". This video installation deals with issues like separation as well as inequality between people. The fine table remains unattainable for the anonymous people in the video as well as for the visitors coming to the exhibition after the official opening.

Hernandez received his education at the Higher Institute of Arts, Havana, Cuba followed by residencies amongst others in Caracas, London, and at the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam. He is a frequent guest at the Havana Biennial. His works are included in many public collections, including the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Cuba; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Pérez Art Museum, Miami, USA; Museum Voorlinden, Wassenaar, the Netherlands, and private collections including Beth Rudin DeWoody, USA; and Ella Fontanals – Cisneros Collection, USA. Hernandez has had collective and solo exhibitions at Wilfredo LAM Centre, Cuba; Cifo Art Space, USA; the Ludwig Foundation, Cuba; and de Appel Arts Centre, the Netherlands amongst others.



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