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Making Things Happen I: Young Artists in Dialgoue - Sylvie Bonnot & Zhu Hong in dialogue

Galleries The Merchant House

Herengracht 254
1016 BV Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 8455955

Open Fri / 12-19.30 hrs + by appointment 

Exhibition 22 Sep — 12 Nov

Opening 23 Sep, 19-22 hrs


Sylvie Bonnot and Zhu Hong

How does a young artist insert him or herself into the history of an art medium? In Making Things Happen, we broach this issue in a series of three collaborative exhibitions of six young French artists who share geography, art education, and attitude to their métier. The shows are organized as visual dialogues—both playful and serious—between individual works. The project is conceived by Marsha Plotnitsky, TMH Founding Artistic Director, in collaboration with art writer and curator Hubert Besacier. 

How does a young artist inscribe herself in the history of photography? The Merchant House continues to address such issues with a collaborative project by Zhu Hong (1975, French, born in China) and Sylvie Bonnot (1982, French). Both artists use multiple techniques in their work (painting, drawing, and installations) with photographic material as a point of departure and idiosyncratic return. The show is organized as a visual dialogue of individual works. According to the art writer, Hubert Besacier: “Concerned with light, perceptual syncretism, concealment and discovery, and with precarity of vision, the works of Sylvie Bonnot and Zhu Hong were meant to have crossed paths.

On the occasion of the first exhibition in the cycle Making Things Happen: Young Artists in Dialogue, the two artists, who share the space in The Merchant House, chose to realize two mural interventions placed face-á-face in the passage between the two principal galleries: two interventions characteristic of their particular, very personal skill and attitude engage with photography and painting. The murals are dedicated to Amsterdam.

Curators and catalogue contributors: Marsha Plotnitsky, founding artistic director, and art writer Hubert Besacier.


On the 23rd September please join for the opening of Sylvie Bonnot & Zhu Hong, the first exhibition in our new cycle, Making Things Happen: Young Artists in Dialogue.

Admission: free

RSVP via or attend our event on Facebook.


19 hrs - Doors open

19.30 hrs - Glass of Prosecco

20-22 hrs - Open late as part of Unseen’s Open Gallery Night

Making Things Happen opens with Zhu Hong (1975, FR, born CN) and Sylvie Bonnot (1982, FR), two young artists from France who use photography as their point of departure and idiosyncratic return. Pushing the limits of their medium in a complex, multi-layered show, they have conceived of a playful dialogue with new work created especially for The Merchant House and inspired by Amsterdam’s hallmark bridges.


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