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Temporary Bookshop IV: The Gallery Club presents Toluca Editions

Project Spaces Looiersgracht 60

Looiersgracht 60
1016 VT Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 7728006

Open Wed - Sun / 12-20 hrs (during scheduled exhibitions)

Event 3 Jun — 4 Jun


Looiersgracht 60 regularly organises a bespoke bookshop to accompany key exhibitions or events. On June 3-4 there will once again be a temporary bookshop, this time featuring a beautiful selection of limited edition artist books published by Toluca Editions. Bookshop IV is a collaborative effort on behalf of The Gallery Club, Toluca Editions and Looiersgracht 60.

Toluca Editions was founded in Paris a decade ago by Alexis Fabry and Olivier Andreotti. They are unique publishing house that works with the artists themselves and has them collaborate closely with the books’ writers, designers and architects. The results are ‘artist’s books’ that are almost works of art in themselves. They are designed in such a way that specific parts of the books can be used as art works in their own right.

At this bookshop, the Gallery Club is presenting the books in bespoke cases. The books featured include work by Thomas Ruff (custom case by Atelier Bow Wow), Takashi Homma (custom case by Nendo), Daido Moriyama (custom case by Olivier Andreotti) and Andres Serrano (custom case by Harri Koskinen).

The Gallery Club is a platform for Dutch and international photographers and their work. By organising exhibitions, dinners and events, they share their passion for photography with the public. They have therefore organised a number of events to accompany Bookshop IV. On Friday June 2 there will be a dinner for the Young Collectors Circle, followed by a Gallery Club dinner on June 3. On June 4 the show will be open to the public.

If you would like to attend the dinner and talks on June 3, you can send an email to or click here to order your ticket directly.


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