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Parks and Re-Creation - Inge Meijer

Project Spaces Corridor Project Space

Veemkade 574
1019 BL Amsterdam

Open Thu - Sat / 14-18 hrs (during exhibitions)

Exhibition 16 Jun — 1 Jul

Opening 16 Jun, 18-22 hrs


Still from If you Go Down to the Woods Today, 2016, Inge Meijer

Parks and Re-creation showcases the results of extensive fieldwork into depictions of escapism and our ever changing relationship to nature. The works presented by Meijer weave together an empirical and personal approach. Its site, the intersection in notions of leisure and displacement. The large scale video installation subtly sets aspects of modern tourism and domestication within the stratum of socio-cultural, economic and political context. Peeling back the fragile layers of imagination, alluding to the question “Where are we when we are not where we are?” 

Inge Meijer (1986, NL), sets out to make you see the realest of realities in what in fact is also highly synthetic: human life. Her methodical approach and her subject matter share this sensibility, both honest and humane yet constructed at the same time. This paradoxical tension as filmed by Meijer at those situations and moments where we perhaps show our most basic selves, however much they might sometimes seem removed from reality 
(Text: Docus van der Made)

Parks and Re-creation is made possible by the support of AFK.


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