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Warming Up - Miguel-Angel Cardenas and others

Project Spaces Rozenstraat | a rose is a rose is a rose

At Smoke and Mirrors 
Keizersgracht 253

Open Wed - Sat / 12-18 hrs

Exhibition 20 May — 20 Aug

Opening 20 May, 18-21 hrs


Warming Up -  Miguel-Angel Cardenas and others

ROZENSTRAAT – a rose is a rose is a rose is proud to present 'Warming Up’, the first posthumous overview of the work of Miguel-Angel Cardenas (1934-2015) in the Netherlands. Cardenas, who took on the name Michel Cardena when he moved to Holland in 1962, was born and educated in Colombia. Once in The Netherlands he invigorated the Dutch artscene with bold experiments. First, in the early 60’s, in the realm of new realism/pop art, with ‘zipper’ assemblages and drawings. Later, with concept based installation, performance and video-art. Also internationally, the work of Miguel-Angel Cardenas is getting renewed attention. This show takes the chance to level him with Dutch fellow artists like Bas Jan Ader, Jan Dibbets and Ger van Elk.

Cardena’s work deals with the concept of human warmth in various connotations. From social, cultural and culinary warmth, to explicit erotic and sexual heat. By heating up the senses through art he felt the could transform the (Dutch) rational and cold culture into a warm tropical (Colombian) spirit. He even set up a company for its distribution in 1968 called "Cardena Warming up etc. etc. etc. Company”. The logo, which looks like a flower/vagina, adorned his signature jacket and his company van. Heating practice usually involved several techniques, which reappear in all his artworks: supplying thermal heat, heat through food, alcoholic drinks, bodily contact, pornographic texts and sexual imagery. The exhibition at the Rozenstraat- a rose is a rose is a rose will primarily focus on Cardenas's role as a pioner of Dutch video and performance art and therefore the artist's early video's from the 60's and 70's will form the core of the exhibition.

Artun Alaska Arasli, Christian Friedrich, Mauricio Limon de Leon and Freek Wambacq are invited to intervene into the main exhibition. Each of them will have their own intervention for a period of two weeks which creates a continuous changing perseption of Miguel-Angel Cardenas work. Next to that the show will have a full program of lecutures, screenings and performances. Please look at our website for the full program.

The exhibition is curated in collaboration with Corinne Groot and Rob van de Ven.


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