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I ikigai - group exhibition

Galleries Juliette Jongma

Gerard Doustraat 128 A
1073 VX Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 4636904

Open Wed - Sat / 13-18 hrs

Exhibition 8 Apr — 13 May

Opening 8 Apr, 18-20 hrs


Credits:  Chris Evans, installation view, Concrete, wooden platforms, pvc mats, framed silver gelatine prints. 2012 - ongoing.

Participating artists:
Jacob Dwyer, Chris Evans, Xue Mu, Bert Scholten and Ran Zhang

Ikigai is a Japanese concept meaning ‘a reason for being’, very similar to the French phrase raison d’être. It is what gives purpose – the lust for life. However, ikigai is in essence one of many possible interpretations on the search for meaning in life. Nowadays, the existentialistic quest manifests itself in popular culture offering us simplified and commercialised versions of ancient philosophical theories, presented via magazines, self-help books, television programs, and mindfulness courses. Platforms which offer so-called solutions for the overwhelming effect of the speed in which our society, economy, and technology seems to develop, our overabundance of choices, our endless possibilities, and our fixation on achievements. We are constantly confronted not only with the importance of being, but also with the importance of being in the ‘now’. I ikigai shows five artists and their forms/ways of communicating this stressed importance of being and being in the ‘now’ via their artistic practice.


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