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Two A.M. - Loretta Fahrenholz

Museums/Institutes Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Museumplein 10
1071 DJ Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 5732911

Open Daily 10-18 hrs
Fri 10-22 hrs

Exhibition 10 Dec — 5 Mar


Loretta Fahrenholz, Two A.M., 2016 HD, color, 40 min., ed. 5 + 2 AP, courtesy Galerie Buchholz, Berlin/Cologne/New York
The Stedelijk bought Ditch Plains last year, along with a number of photographic works by Loretta Fahrenholz. The museum will present these newly acquired pieces in conjunction with her recent work, at the end of 2016.
You’ll find the German artist Loretta Fahrenholz somewhere between Berlin and New York, and mid-way between film and art. Fahrenholz (1981, Starnberg) makes ‘performative documentaries’, often working closely with the actors and extras who perform in her work.
The artist’s films are an amalgam of different film genres, fusing elements typical of the documentary with those of the disaster movie, and porno. The hybrid Ditch Plains of 2013 was created in collaboration with the street dancers of the New York Ringmaster Crew. Shot in 2012 while Hurricane Sandy tore through New York, the result is a sci-fi mash-up of motifs borrowed from dance films and disaster movies. The members of the Ringmasters move with hallucinatory speed through the metropolis. ‘Flexing’, ‘Bone Breaking’, ‘Pausing’ and ‘Connecting’, they tear through the night streets, hotel lobbies and a chic Park Avenue apartment, in a miasma of improvised moves and a sequence of dreamlike, apocalyptic scenes. Farenholz montaged the images with documentary film fragments of New York residents struggling to battle the hurricane.


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