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Tabula Rasa - Smári Runar Róbertsson

Project Spaces Kunstverein

Hazenstraat 28
1016 SR Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 3313203

Open Thu - Sat / 13-17 hrs

Exhibition 21 Jun — 25 Jun

Opening 22 Jun, 17-19 hrs


Join us this Thursday June 22 at 5pm for the opening of Tabula Rasa by Smári Rúnar Róbertsson, as part of the Festival of Choices … This Thursday, June 22, join us for the the opening of Tabula Rasa at 5pm – as part of festival of choices – by Smári Rúnar Róbertsson … As part of festival of choices, join us for Smári Rúnar Róbertsson’s Tabula Rasa opening Thusrday June 22 at 5pm …Tabula Rasa, by Smári Rúnar Róbertsson, as part of the Festival of Choices, this Thursday at 5pm. Join us …

Tabula Rasa marks the end the start or reshuffle of Smári’s catalogue of works. During the build up of the exhibition Smári is trying to “touch the near future with a really long stick”. He is trying to grab hold of a condition that changes constantly and will keep progressing during his time spend at Kunstverein. His works are will become visual visceral metaphors for intangible things, “sweeping across your face at the speed of a second-hand. ”

Serving: Icelandic delight (Mamma kaupa brennivín)

Tabula Rasa is part of A Festival of Choices, Master of Fine Arts Graduation 2017, Sandberg Instituut, 21–25 June 2017, various locations throughout Amsterdam. A Festival of Choices emphasizes upon the relationship and choices made between the graduating student and the diverse range of institutions and organizations offered within the cultural landscape of Amsterdam. For more information and the full program, please check


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