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Stage of Being - Robert Zandvliet

Galleries Galerie Onrust

Planciusstraat 7
1013 MD Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 4202219

Open Wed - Sat / 13-18 hrs

Exhibition 9 Sep — 14 Oct

Opening 9 Sep, 16-18 hrs


Robert Zandvliet, Stage of Being II, 2017 and Angel, 2017

‘One day I’ll just have to venture into it,’ Robert Zandvliet once said in an interview, on being asked whether he would ever paint people. That day seems to have arrived. In Stage of Being, a new series of immense paintings on view at Galerie Onrust as of 9 September, the thought of a human figure, in any case, is present more than ever before.

The size of the work, combined with the virtuosity of Zandvliet’s painterly technique – sometimes stratified, then filmy – and the way in which he defines the space, inevitably bring to mind the Color Field paintings of Mark Rothko, the ‘zips’ of Barnett Newman and the absorbing sculptures of Anish Kapoor. All artworks which – from Robert Rosenblum’s point of view – go straight back to Caspar David Friedrich. Artworks in which the viewer can lose himself and in which time and space seem to merge in the attempt to attain the sublime.

Hanneke de Man has written the essay The Metamorphosis of Paint into an Image for the publication Robert Zandvliet / Stage of Being which accompanies this exhibition. There is an English, Dutch and German edition.

Image: Robert Zandvliet, Stage of Being II, 2017 and Angel, 2017


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