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'Sculpturen en werken op papier' - Carel Visser

Galleries BorzoGallery

Keizersgracht 516
1017 EJ Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 626 33 03

Open Wed - Sat / 13-17 hrs 
+ by appointment

22 Nov — 13 Dec

Time 22 Nov, 17 hrs


Carel Visser is chiefly known for his sculptures made from iron, steel, wood and leather. Compositions of geometric shapes investigating the effects of principles such as toppling, stacking, repetition and reflection. But there is more, much more, to discover in Visser's oeuvre. He has designed reliefs, drawings, collages, woodcuts and even jewellery.
Ever since the seventies Visser has worked with a broad range of materials, combining found objects such as car tyres and lampshades with objects from nature such as sheep's wool and goat's horns.
His collages are created through the combination of advertising photo cuttings and cardboard boxes with feathers, small bones, wool and eggshells. In his works the various components are assembled into apparently fragile and yet stable compositions.
With all their diversity Visser's works have much in common: a powerful connection to nature and an interest in fundamental physical issues.


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