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Screening III: Monument in Flux

Project Spaces W139

Warmoesstraat 139
1012 JB Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 6229434

Open Mon - Sun / 12-18 hrs

Screening 29 Oct

Time 18:30-22 hrs


Amirali Ghasemi will present “Monument in flux”, which gathers artists, filmmakers and video essayists living across the globe, from North America to New Zealand, via Iran. We witness how monuments are in the state of constant flux from the ancient Tomb of Cyrus the Great to unsteady contemporary pedestals. We observe how revolutions can promise hope and change, and how these promises fade in the course of time, generating a sense of flux that washes away everything that is solid.

Amirali Ghasemi is a curator, media artist and designer. He has directed exhibitions, workshops and talks for "Parkingallery" & "Limited Access Festival". He works with photography, video, interactive projects and texts. His long-term curatorial project, IRAN&CO, consists of an on-going exhibition and a collective archive devoted to the representation of Iranian art beyond the country’s borders. In summer 2014, Ghasemi co-founded New Media Society, a network-based research platform,library and video archive in Tehran.

New Media Society

The rest of the week, the Sunday program will be available in the exhibition space for the audience who missed the original event.

Events will only be in English


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