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Open Atelier #7: Innerrhythms - Jo Caimo

Museums/Institutes Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond

Nes 45
1012 KD Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 6229014

Open Mon - Fri / 11-18 hrs
Sat - Sun / 13-18 hrs

Exhibition 12 Sep — 25 Sep


Which stories make our ears burn? During this edition of Open Atelier [open studio] inventor and artist-in-residence Jo Caimo will study the social impact of his Rode Oortjes Meter [red ear meter]. The Rode Oortjes Meter visualises excitement on the basis of your ear temperature. 

Together with the audience he studies how members of the crowd respond to the visible translation of your emotion. And how will you respond when your intuition is disturbed by this device? In Jo Caimo’s artistic practice he explores individuals and collectives’ ‘subconscious’ using sensors.
Come and test the meter during his residence and the Oorzaken Festival and become acquainted with his other projects including Exploring the Stomach with a Bluetooth call in which he reveals the sounds of his gastro-intestinal tract by swallowing a Bluetooth microphone and the Megaphone-Ensemble, a contemporary fanfare which allows groups of people to discover architectural space using throat sounds thereby creating a joint sound sculpture.
Residence as part of Oorzaken Festival


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