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Museum of Wi-Fi - Guillaume Roukhomovsky

Project Spaces Bradwolff Projects

Oetewalerstraat 73
1093 MD Amsterdam

Open Thu - Sat / 13 - 17 hrs
+by appointment 

Exhibition 10 Jan — 14 Jan

Opening 11 Jan, 17-21 hrs


A new form of poetry has emerged, and it’s happening right here, in your Wi-Fi menu. While most of us keep the standard NETGEAR-1581, Linksys_8A or UPC27458, some have decided to shake things up and take their Wi-Fi names to the next level. Inappropriate punchlines proudly shouted out to entire neighbourhoods. Wireless, intangible pieces of graffiti that make their mark, seduce girls next door, and mess with people, passive-aggressive style. And now, all these funny, silly, and explicit Wi-Fi names have their very own museum: the Museum of Wi-Fi… where there is nothing to admire but wireless signals on your phone. The Museum of Wi-Fi invites you to get lost in its endless gallery of wireless masterpieces.


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Christian Boltanski, photo: Maarten Nauw

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Tanja Ritterbex