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Meyhane: Sudden Stop

Project Spaces Corridor Project Space

Veemkade 574
1019 BL Amsterdam

Open Thu - Sat / 14-18 hrs (during exhibitions)

Event 31 Mar

Time 19-23 hrs


Fraser Stewart, The Permalink, 2016.
MEYHANE [mɛjhɑːnɛ]; is derived from the Persian words Mey (wine) and Hane (house).
MEYHANE is a traditional restaurant historically found in Turkey, Iran and the Balkan region. It is all about sharing a selection of mezes accompanied by alcohol, usually Raki, at large tables with friends. This, of course, includes lots of singing, eating and socialising with other table companions; therefore providing a meeting point where thoughts and stories collide. Corridor Project Space we use this ritual of sharing a meal as the basis for an art event. These events use food as a foundation for intercultural exchange. During each event we host a different participant(s) to tell us about their experience.
This Meyhane is a side event to the exhibition Sudden Stop by Özgür Demirci & Fraser Stewart. The exhibition will be on during the event and artist will be present. 
€10 (incl. dinner)
Limited seating, RSVP via


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