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Libby Libby Libby - Helen Verhoeven

Galleries Stigter Van Doesburg

Elandsstraat 90
1016 SH Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 6242361

Open Wed - Fri / 11-18 hrs
Sat / 13-18 hrs

Exhibition 25 Nov — 24 Dec

Opening 25 Nov, 17-22 hrs


Helen Verhoeven, Untitled, 2016, acrylic on linen, 75 x 100

In her new work, Helen Verhoeven (The Netherlands, 1974) focuses her attention on the young and beautiful Libby; an artist and local café employee around whom Verhoeven’s entire Berlin neighborhood seems to orbit. Through a series of paintings of the all-willing model, Verhoeven explores the artist-muse relationship. On the one hand, she attempts to capture this charismatic young woman as she appears to be; on the other hand she uses her as an actor, a stand-in for the artist herself, or as a purely formal element of the composition. In each painting Libby -or her image- plays a different role amidst the mayhem of disjointed assemblages. The paintings are crowded and employ a still life logic that is echoed in the accompanying ceramic sculptures.


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