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'In search of lost time' - group exhibition curated by Ronit Eden

Project Spaces Castrum Peregrini

Herengracht 401
1017 BP Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 6235287

Open Tue-Fri 12-18 hrs 

19 Sep — 2 Nov

Time 19 Sep, 17-20 hrs


Nan Goldin. Nan one month after being battered. 1984

The exhibition 'In Search of Lost Time' curated by Ronit Eden addresses the need to tell stories and to preserve memories. Through the art works on show, each artist shares a memory: some are personal, some are fictional and in some the artists is the one who documents someone else’s story. The works alternate between two poles: the story of Castrum Peregrini, where the exhibition takes place and the story of Nan Goldin’s The Ballad of Sexual Dependency, a work which she described as her visual dairy that captures moments in her life and the life of her close friends in the beginning of the 80′s in New York.

The work of Ronit Porat will incorporate a personal experience from her residency at Castrum Peregrini: a vivid take on traces she finds on the hiding floor and shared memories.

Participating artists
Adrian Melis (1985 Cuba), Armando (1929 the Netherlands), Donna Kuhn (1959 U.S), Emma Rendel (1976 Sweden), Gigi Scaria (1973 India), HF van Steensel (1965 the Netherlands), Ilya Rabinovich (1965 Moldova), Jakob Roepke (1960 Germany), Nan Goldin (1953 U.S), Peter Goldschmidt (1923- 1987 Germany), Raed Yassin (Lebanon 1979), Ronit Porat (1975 Israel), Servet Kocyigit (1971  Turkey), Yuri Rosmani (1971 The Netherlands)

“The Ballad of Sexual Dependency is the diary I let people read. My written diaries are private; they form a closed document of my world and allow me the distance to analyze it. My visual diary is public; it extends from its subjective basis with the input of other people.” Nan Goldin



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