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I am bored - Sven Sachsalber

Galleries Van Zijll Langhout / Contemporary Art

Brouwersgracht 161
1015 GG Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 7708990

Open Wed - Sat / 10-17 hrs
+ by appointment

19 Sep — 21 Nov

Time 19 Sep, 16-19 hrs


Sven Sachsalber, I am bored, Van Zijll Langhout / Contemporary Art
Van Zijll Langhout / Contemporary Art is pleased to announce the opening of the exhibition 'I am bored' of the Italian performance artist Sven Sachsalber.
His intense performative work often balances on physical exhaustion such as eating a poisonous mushroom, spending 24 hours with a cow in a room, cutting down a large tree by hand and his performance at Palais de Tokyo where he was looking for a needle in the haystack.
The exhibition 'I am bored' is his first exhibition of drawings, works on paper .
Works he created during his Summer Residence time in Amsterdam June – July 2015.
'I am bored'
“red, blue, yellow, black and white are the colors I am using for these drawing. primary colors.
black and white is not a color that's what someone told me once.
I am walking on ice.
sol lewitt, agnes martin, piet mondrian, gerhard richter, blinky palermo etc. artists I don't want to compete against.
I think their work is tight, conservative and boring.
maybe exclude gerhard richter.
they are like chef's who are good at cooking 1 dish.
But I don't like this, it is boring.
It would be disgusting to eat only carrot soup for the rest of my life.
someone should be good at cooking fish, meat and veggies.
that's a good chef, combined with noodles, rice, chicpeas etc..
the same in art.
its ok to be boring,
its ok to be minimal,
its ok to be constructive,
its ok to care about aesthetics,
and its ok to like money.
Its all good, its just art and not that important.
another friend said that a good artist never escapes the square.
I am already nervous and my head somewhere else...”
Sven Sachsalber in August 2015,
Sven Sachsalber (1987, Italy) currently lives in New York, but his work finds its roots in Südtirol, the border area between Italy, Switzerland and Austria, where Sachsalber was born.
Sachsalber studied  sculpture at the Royal College of Art .
credits image; photo selfportrait in Mexico 2015


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