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Home is where you fit - MG&M Collective

Project Spaces Nieuw Dakota

Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 41
1033 RC Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 3318311

Open Thu - Fri / 11-18 hrs
Sat - Sun / 12-18 hrs

Exhibition 27 Aug — 8 Oct

Opening 27 Aug, 16-18 hrs


Home is where you fit - MG&M Collective
Nieuw Dakota present the new exhitibion Home is where you fit by MG&M Collective. After an intense period of creative exchange between the artist duo Gil & Moti and Mosab Anzo, a Syrian artist who fled to the Netherlands, Nieuw Dakota will show the results of this daring experimental collaboration: MG&M Collective. MG&M Collective sheds light on complex questions about migration issues. The artists use art to arrive at more humane insights about displacement, war trauma and the human condition.
The exhibition will offer a varied perspective on the aesthetic, thematic and mental aspects of war, trauma, displacement and integration. The artists will show how art can have an accelerant role in integration and communication processes and how crucial creative collaborations are for the necessary healing process of wounds of people from war zones. MG&M Collective concerns engagement in the arts and reintroduces the urgency of activism and performance in the arts.
Gil  & Moti (1968 & 1971), were born in IsraĆ«l and live and work in Rotterdam since 1998. They work together exclusively since 1998 and have been engaged in an on-going exploration of identity, the notion of individuality, and related social norms and forms. To be raised in a country in war, is reflected in artistic vision and positioning. With performances and small scale social interventions, they address important socio-political issues, such as discrimination, social exclusion and racism. As artists, a gay couple, immigrants and Jewish born (ex)Israelis, they have direct experience of such issues within their own personal lives. Gil and Moti see their lives as a social sculpture. They work in multiple disciplines, making use of various techniques, mediums and strategies. Their appearance invariably causes surprise and amusement, enabling them to raise the subject of identity and otherness in a way that is always subtle and playful, but no less serious. Their approach is based on a few simple rules: always to dress identically, to do everything together, and to own only one wallet, phone and set of keys between them.
Mosab Anzo (Syria, 1973) was born in Aleppo. After a fierce journey he arrived in the Netherlands in 2014 where he now lives and works in Rotterdam. Mosab Anzo is an abstract lyrical painter. He paints intuitively, with oil and acryl paint, often mixed with sand. He received an academic degree in fine arts from art academies in Damascus and Beirut. His work was exhibited in solo- and group shows and is part of collections in (a.o.) Dubai, Jordan, Beirut and Syria. When the war in Syria started, things changed dramatically; he had to leave behind his house and studio, his family, properties and network.


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