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Home conversation #4: The politics of autonomous art

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Conversation 2 Sep

Time 2 Sep, 15-17 hrs


On Saturday 2 September (please note – not Sunday as the previous events!), the next ánd final Live Conversation in the context of our exhibition Home will take place. The focus is the exhibition concept of Home, the art project DestroyedHouseGaza by Marjan Teeuwen and the curatorial concept of Meta Knol.
From exhibition Home, questions arise about autonomous art in a highly politicised environment. How do the meanings of the artwork change when it travels from the context of Gaza’s public space in the Netherlands, into a highly specific setting of the white cube? What ethical considerations and social responsibilities are implicated when initiating an art project in a war situation? How can assumptions about the universality of art be assessed when they are posited from a privileged position into a situation of repression? Where can we draw the line between ‘autonomous art’ and ‘socially engaged art’?
We will go into a live Skype conversation with Palestinian architect Salem Al Qudwa in the United Kingdom, who will be joined by curator Meta Knol and philosopher and theatre maker Jaïr Stranders in Amsterdam. The conversation will be moderated by Chris Keulemans
Entry = free
You are welcome to join, please RSVP here


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