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Go to the hardware store and have a museum experience | act 2/3 - Lisa Sudhibhasilp

Project Spaces P/////AKT

Zeeburgerpad 53
1019 AB Amsterdam
+31 (0)6 54270879

Open Thu - Sun / 14-18 hrs (during exhibitions)

Exhibition 19 Mar — 16 Apr

Opening 18 Mar, 20-0 hrs


Lisa Sudhibhasilp Go to the hardware store and have a museum experience – act 2/3

Lisa Sudhibhasilp‘s three-staged script for P//////AKT sets out to investigate, and perhaps even emphasise, the structures underlying presentation and the extent to which the boundaries between intent and experience, art and display, might dissolve. While the first act dealt with notions of stage and backstage, the focus now shifts to décor and the question of (material) value. The presentation mainly consists of (partly ready-made) works in Styrofoam, which is in itself used daily in various ways: it preserves, protects, isolates or can be moulded into decorative elements. In all its functions however, it remains a ‘poor’ material that is used for practical reasons or as a simulacrum for something else. It is the package, the structure, the frame and the decor. For her second P/////AKTPOOL presentation, Sudhibhasilp has turned the material into a display that is setting its own conditions, showing the aesthetic properties and proposing to look at these composite objects as display commodities, carrying their own value.


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Date 22 Nov - 2 Mar

Opening Thursday 23 Nov
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Jennifer Tee, Camden arts center, Photo Mark Blower, Galerie Fons Welters