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Emerging [Hi]Stories - curated by Nadette De Visser and Özkan Gölpinar

Project Spaces Castrum Peregrini

Herengracht 401
1017 BP Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 6235287

Open Tue - Fri / 12-18 hrs 

Exhibition 27 Jan — 10 Mar

Opening 27 Jan, 17 hrs


Emerging [Hi]Stories
An exhibition of intimate objects & stories. 15 to 20 daily life objects will be presented in transparent boxes. With each object foes a story. The objects are collected by the curators in refugee centers in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France. Most of the objects don’t represent economic value. They are, however, invaluable to their owners. They represent a life lost, a home left and loved ones left behind. They stand for an entire family's history and incapsulate a diasporic tale that was caught in what could be carried, on a trip toward the unknown.
The objects are presented alongside a text telling the story behind the object. The anonymised voice of its owner is central in this story that is meant to enhance the empathy of the visitor. The owner will not be display, the story stays in its own respect, which will help the reader to identify with it and see its universal nature.


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