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Conversation Four: First Person Moving - Riet Wijnen

Project Spaces P/////AKT

Zeeburgerpad 53
1019 AB Amsterdam
+31 (0)6 54270879

Open Thu - Sun / 14-18 hrs (during exhibitions)

Exhibition 20 Nov — 18 Dec

Opening 19 Nov, 20-0 hrs


Image from De egotunnel by Thomas Metzinger
Conversation Four: First Person Moving is the third part in Riet Wijnen’s cycle of work, entitled Sixteen Conversation on Abstraction. The organizing principle of this cycle consists of sixteen fictional conversations, sixteen accompanying works and a sculpture. The conversations and works form a conceptual space, in which the term “abstraction” is examined, formulated, constructed and deconstructed. In each fictive conversation and the accompanying work a particular subject related to the notion of abstraction is examined. The sculpture, which also functions as a diagram, maps the connections between these different conversations. This sculpture can be seen for the first time during the exhibition at P/////AKT.
The central subject of the exhibition Conversation Four: First Person Moving is ‘movement’. The fictive conversation brings together several thinkers and makers from different periods and professions whose practices deal directly or indirectly with the notion of “movement”. The philosopher Thomas Metzinger, feminist writer, teacher, and militant Silvia Federici and the association Abstraction-Création will converse about the significance of this term and its relationship with abstraction.
The conversation is a formal choreography through which movement in the broadest sense of the word is examined; from movements in society and history to movements in the brain. Movements between the inner and outer world, movements between “yes” and “no”, movements between me and we, movements between the concrete and the abstract and movements between lived experience and thinking models.
Steyn Bergs has written a short text for the occasion of this exhibition.
Admission: Free



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