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Contagion - Guillaume Boulley and Hugo Capron

Project Spaces PS

Madurastraat 72
1094 GR Amsterdam
+31 (0)6 47830952

Open Sat / 13-17 hrs
+ by appointment

Exhibition 5 Mar — 1 Apr

Opening 5 Mar, 16-18 hrs


PS is proud to announce that on Sunday, March 5th the opening of CONTAGION by Guillaume Boulley and Hugo Capron will take place. This will be their first exhibition in PS, as well as in The Netherlands. For the exhibition, the French artists  will be debuting a couple of new works on canvas.

Not that our practice of painting is pathological but it is rather a matter of carrying out a project which demands that the two of us design and achieve the exhibition together.

Not only as a duo but not entirely on our own either. Our artistic choice is to work with a logic in which dialogue, communication and exchange prevail, as well as a wish to let ourselves get infected by one another when making the works and the exhibition.

On one side, we present works that originate from the same idea, expecting to develop different propositions. On the other side, there are works coming from our own sensibility showing the influences we share.

A matter of transmitting ideas: from an initial mental image to its final transformation.

This exhibition would be an exchange, the opportunity to establish a meeting-point between our own practices.

Guillaume Boulley//Hugo Capron


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