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Artist’s talk: Maurice Bogaert and Edwin Zwakman

Project Spaces Cargo in Context

De Bonte Zwaan
Haparandadam 7-b8
1013 AK Amsterdam
+31 (0)6 21439157


Thu - Fri / 12–17 hrs
Sat / 13.30-17.30 hrs
Sundays during public events

Conversation 25 Nov

Time 25 Nov, 15 hrs


Courtesy of Cargo in Context

Maurice Bogaert (Heerlen 1975)

Lives and works in Amsterdam. Bogaert studied at the Academy of Fine Arts (1997-1999) in Maastricht and got his master at the Piet Zwart Institute in 2001 in Rotterdam. In recent years Bogaert has developed a series of works in which he included media like architecture, film, texts and fine arts. This mostly resulted in a kind of total experience for the audience. His works vary from extremely monumental walk through installations to tiny scale models. In their own way all his works are efforts to translate camera movements and editing to the physical space.

Moderator: Lilet Breddels (Archis)


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