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Our director Adriana Gonzalez Hulshof on DWDD

Jordan Wolfson - TRUTH/LOVE

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If you missed this episode of DWDD and want to catch a sneak peak of Jordan Wolfson's Female Figure in action, then head over to where you can re-watch the clip (in Dutch)! 



Last Thursday our director, Adriana Gonzalez Hulshof, was a guest on De Wereld Draait Door; a Dutch talk show attracting over 1.25 million viewers on a daily basis.  As a contemporary art expert, Adriana discussed Jordan Wolfson’s new and  controversial exhibition TRUTH/LOVE  – part two of his current exhibition MANIC / LOVE / TRUTH / LOVE –  which is on view at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.

The centerpiece of TRUTH / LOVE is the simultaneously seductive and repulsive Female figure (2014). This computer-controlled, hyper-sexualized blonde robotic woman flaunts the kind of outfit ordinarily worn by pop stars in music videos: a see-through miniskirt, high-heeled thigh-high boots, and long gloves. A device loaded with motion tracking software, concealed beneath a green, bird-like mask, enables her to lock eyes with viewers. But for all its misogyny it also acts as a caricature for the fetishisation of the pop-star.

Go and see for yourself! TRUTH/LOVE is on view until 23 April.

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