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Art Route | Art as Activism

25 Apr - 19 May


Addressing serious social and political issues and confronting cultural concerns are central elements within the practices of the artists in this week’s route. The exhibitions take on various experimental forms and focus on highly specific problems and observations. At Arti et Amicitiae you can check out Foundland Collective’s collection of ground plans for different housing situations. Sketched by displaced people from different backgrounds prior to their departure from Syria, they are a way to depict what was left behind. While at the Stedelijk Museum, Nalini Malani casts our attention towards political engagement, through her mesmerising ‘video-shadow play’ installation Transgressions, which investigates the nuances of Western postcolonial dominance in India. Now go and explore the route!

Image: #Dysturb team pastes a picture of Alvaro Canovas in Israel, during the Festival Visa pour l’image in Perpignan, 2006. © Capucine Bailly / Courtesy of #Dysturb


A. Corridor Project Space - 'Water Was Here Before', SUPERFLEX & TUNCA 
Until 19 May

SUPERFLEX (artists’ group founded in Denmark, 1993) and TUNCA (Izmir, 1982) bring together different perspectives on power structures while Rajyashri Goody (1990) contributes with a text that unfolds her research in between food and politics. SUPERFLEX present Flooded McDonalds, a video work that digs into the indifference of large multinational companies in the face of climate change, questioning where the actual responsibility lies. TUNCA presents a project which focuses on investigating the favourite meals of various leaders of the 20th Century.

B. Arti et Amicitiae - 'My future is in my past and my past is my present', group exhibition
Until 21 May

Several artists who live in the Netherlands, but come from (former) conflict zones like Caucasus, Lebanon and Syria, have come together to share their personal stories - stories of political conflict, migration and mobility. They have experienced the unexpected shifts in one’s existence that occur as a result of global/political decisions and seek to heal by reconstructing a connection between their former and newly found home. Worlds which appear to be disconnected are thus connected.

C. Foam - 'Collectivism: Collectives and their quest for value', group exhibition
Until 18 June

What is the value of an image nowadays? Seven different collectives present their view on the topic for this exhibition. For instance, some challenge the mainstream media, while others operate as social agents by creating communities, online and otherwise. Works on view include four videos by The Eternal Internet Brother/ Sisterhood, a yearly gathering in remote areas of the world, where cultural practitioners meet to explore concepts of post-technological life and reconnection with nature. Also, the result of six road trips through Africa by Invisible Borders // The Trans-African Photography Project are on view, questioning and exploring the borders within Africa.  

D. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam - 'Transgressions', Nalini Malani
Until 18 June

Nalini Malani (Karachi, 1946) combines a variety of mediums in a unique way to cast our attention towards political issues. As a refugee herself during the separation of India and Pakistan, her work is permeated by themes such as migration, globalisation, poverty, and the oppression of women. As well as Transgressions, another important part of the exhibition is a mural, which combines a critical portrayal of the current migration crisis with Malani’s fascination for literary and mythological motifs in which women play an important role.  



Museums/Institutes Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

Daily 10-18 hrs
Fri 10-22 hrs

Date 18 Mar - 18 Jun

Nalini Malani, Transgressions, video/shadow play installation, 2001

Project Spaces Corridor Project Space

Thu - Sat / 14-18 hrs (during exhibitions)

Date 20 Apr - 19 May

Opening Thursday 20 Apr
17 - 21 hrs

Flooded McDonald’s, 2008, Film Still, SUPERFLEX

Museums/Institutes Foam

Mon - Wed / 10-18 hrs
Thu - Fri / 10-21 hrs
Sat - Sun / 10-18 hrs

Date 21 Apr - 18 Jun

Opening Thursday 20 Apr
17:30 hrs

Installation by Angelo Plessas, Iternal Internet Brotherhood / Sisterhood, 2015 (c) Photo by Giorgos Sfakianakis. Courtesy the artist and The Breeder

Project Spaces Arti et Amicitiae

Tue - Sun / 12-18 hrs

Date 22 Apr - 21 May

Opening Friday 21 Apr
20 - 22 hrs

Foundland Collective, Ground plan drawings, 2014 (photo Julie Jamora)